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In January 2021 we merged with a 4th practice site - Balliol Road Surgery. We continue to maintain our current surgery buildings and patients to now share the same secure clinical system enabling our patients to have access to all four sites for their medical care and needs. It was decided the further merge would improve and future-proof safe, effective and sustainable primary care for local people. Our practices share a background of practicing high quality, patient-centred care supported by a hard-working and dedicated team. We were excited to have the opportunity of working together to become even stronger as a wider team.

Due to our now 4 practice sites this enables ease of attendance locally to our patients, a greater number of appointments offered and a wider range of services made available.

Our patients have the option of attending any of our 4 sites situated in CV1, CV2 and CV6 areas of Coventry.

With patients' needs at the heart of everything we do, our website has been designed to make it easy for you to gain instant access to the information you need. As well as specific practice details such as opening hours and how to register, you’ll find a wealth of useful pages covering a wide range of health issues along with links to other relevant medical organisations. Welcome all, Balliol Road surgery patients!


Covid Vaccination Booster

You are being offered a COVID-19 booster because like some other vaccines, levels of protection may begin to wane over time. This booster dose will help extend the protection you gained from your first 2 doses and give you longer term protection. The booster will help to reduce the risk of you needing admission to hospital due to COVID-19 infection this winter. The booster is being offered at least 6 months after your last dose. Like your previous doses, the vaccine will be given in your upper arm. Protection against severe disease from the first 2 doses seems to decline very slowly. So don’t worry if your booster vaccine is given a few weeks after the 6 months time-point. The booster dose should help to extend your protection into the next year. You will be given a booster dose of Pfizer. These vaccines have already been given to millions of people in the UK. You will be offered the right vaccine for you which may be the same or different from the vaccines that you had before. PLEASE CONTACT RECEPTION STAFF TO CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY

Surgery Information

 Seasonal Flu Vaccinations - September 2021


From Wednesday 29th September all eligible patients will be able to book in for their seasonal flu vaccination. We will be holding a 'walk-in' flu clinic at our Clay Lane Health Centre Site on:-


Irrespective of your preferred site all Godiva Group Practice patients are welcome to attend. No appointment will be needed. 

All sites will be holding flu clinics within the week with your practice nurse from the 29th September, please contact your preferred site to book for your appointment if you would prefer to attend during the week.

Further Saturday clinics will be held. Please contact reception for further information from week commencing the 4th October 2021.

Please click here to check your eligibility - you will be redirected to gov.uk website



 Attending the practice

Your surgery is working hard to enable the service to continue in spite of current difficulties that everyone is experiencing.

All FACE TO FACE appointments at the practice will now be booked by a GP or a Nurse. Reception staff will no longer be booking face-to-face appointments. When you contact the practice the reception staff will ask you for your symptoms.

If you have any of the following symptoms: Do not attempt to come to the practice.

 The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms

Any other symptoms - you will be booked for a telephone consultation with the GP or Nurse. If they feel it is necessary for you to be seen they will book an appointment for you in a designated time slot for face-to-face appointments.

Some non-essential services may be withdrawn to ensure all patients who need to be seen can be, appropriately and safely.

To help with the social distancing the surgery is now offering:

  • Any sick notes or pathology forms requested will be posted to the patients. Any prescription requests we are asking patients to nominate a pharmacy.

Repeat prescription can be issued over the phone if you are not able to get hold of POD or the repeat prescription box at each site is situated outside either via letterbox or a secure box in the foyer for your prescription to be requested.

Can I get a sick note if I am self-isolating? Patients with suspected coronavirus (Covid-19) who self-isolate can request an email confirming this from NHS 119, instead of a sick note from their GP.  

Those who self-isolate may self-validate for the first seven days.

After the seven days, you may seek an email confirmation of the diagnosis by dialling 119 - avoiding an unnecessary and potentially dangerous trip to either their GP or hospital

Please adhere to our Government Advice - Stay safe, Stay Well.  Godiva Group Practice

Covid Vaccination Clinics and Availability

We are currently contacting patients that are within the eligibility cohort to receive the covid vaccine.

Our current cohort is all patients from age 12-15 years of age (young patients with eligible health conditions) or 16 and over. Please call reception team for further details. 

We are continuing to hold weekly clinics for all 1st and 2nd doses - please contact the surgery to book in or if you have received a test message use the link provided. 

Housebound patients

if you are housebound and require your vaccine please contact the surgery to book this. 

Second doses 

If you are due your second dose Please ensure you keep your vaccination card safe from your 1st dose as this is needed for documentation of your second dose.  


We have been calling our patients and also using our text messaging service to contact those who are eligible. Our text messaging service enables you to book your appointment at your convenience by following the link provided. If you have not yet heard from us and think you may be eligible, please contact the surgery to arrange this.





Masks & Face Covering Policy

July 19th 2021 - Update 

“We continue to require masks be worn and social distancing maintained in your surgery to keep all our patients and staff as safe as possible from COVID. This view is supported by the NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire and by NHS England for all healthcare settings.
Thank you for your support in keeping the NHS healthy.



Guidance Note for patients requesting exemption letters

GP's are unfortunately not in a position to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who feel they should be exempt from wearing a face mask.

Current government advice on the use of facemasks can be found here:

Face Covering and Travel Guidance

Face Covering Exemption


 Get Well, Keep Well

Of course we’re not just here for when you are unwell. Our team of healthcare professionals and back-up staff offer a number of clinics and services to promote good health and wellbeing whatever your medical condition.


Join In

We hope you enjoy having a look around the site and familiarising yourself with some of the online features such as ordering a repeat prescription. Whatever your thoughts, be sure to let us know via our feedback function. Comments and suggestions are always a great way of helping us continue to enhance the way we look after you.

Demonstrating your Covid 19 vaccination status when travelling abroad


More than 30 million people vaccinated with second dose

More than 30 million people in the UK have received a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the latest figures published today (15 June) show, as the vaccination programme continues at unprecedented pace and scale

As the COVID-19 vaccination programme expands and restrictions continue to ease across the country, the government has said that providing your COVID-19 status is 'likely' to become part of everyday life, though plans for a COVID passport are not yet set in stone. 

We are excited to announce that you will now be able to see your vaccine record on your patient access home screen. As long as your account is linked to your GP practice and you have appropriate access to your medical records, any COVID-19 vaccinations will be shown in a single place. With the patient access app you'll be able to show your vaccination status, wherever you are. 

Please see links below for guidance:

How to get your NHS COVID Pass

There are different ways to get a COVID Pass.

Get a digital version

You can get a digital version using the NHS App or NHS website. You can download it as a PDF or get it sent to you in an email.

You can get a digital version by:

You will need an NHS login to use these services. You'll be asked to create one if you do not have an NHS login already.

What is NHS login

How long digital versions are valid for

If you have:

  • 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine – your pass lasts for 28 days and then automatically renews (check the expiry date before you travel)
  • a negative PCR test or rapid lateral flow – it's valid for 48 hours after a negative result
  • a positive PCR test – it's valid for 180 days after a positive result

Get a paper version (vaccination status only)

You can get an NHS COVID Pass letter sent to you in the post.

This shows you've been vaccinated against COVID-19. It does not show COVID-19 test results.

You can ask for a letter 2 weeks after having your 2nd dose of the vaccine. You should get it within 5 working days.

You do not need to be registered with a GP surgery or have an NHS login for this.

You can get a letter by:

The paper version does not have an expiry date.

Protecting your data

When you access your NHS COVID Pass via the NHS App, or directly via the NHS website, you will use NHS login. NHS login has advanced security features to protect you and minimise any risk of fraud.

Your COVID Pass only shows your vaccination record or test results, and no other personal health records.


Proposed Merger of Godiva Group Practice and Balliol Surgery

Proposed ‘go live’ date - 11th January 2021

We are writing to advise you that we are planning a merger of a further practice Balliol Surgery. This will be our 4th site. All existing Balliol Surgery patients will be able to access our already 3 sites for their medical care. All current Godiva Group Practice patients can now access our 4th Site at Balliol Surgery, 1 Balliol Road, Coventry CV2 3DR.

We are committed to keeping all that is best and most valued about General Practice whilst maximising the benefits to patients offered by a larger organisation. The benefits would include a wider range of opening hours and a greater choice of clinicians and services. We hope that by combining our small practices, we will continue to provide personalised care to the local community. The proposed merger would help to sustain the viability of our practices in the changing NHS landscape.

Godiva Group practices are based at:

Clay Lane Health Centre CV2 4LJ

1 Chester Street CV1 4DH

475 Stoney Stanton Road CV6 5EA

1 Balliol Road CV2 3DR

The views of our patients are very important to us and we would welcome your feedback which you can provide by emailing our practice email address: crccg.godivagroup@nhs.net.

We wish to assure our new and existing patients that there will not be a reduction in services provided.

We will continue to update you with any further developments. Godiva Group Practice is delighted to have the opportunity of working together to become even stronger as a wider team.

COVID-19 Information

We are working hard to enable our services to continue in spite of current difficulties that everyone is experiencing. Please contact the surgery on: 02475 096629

  • Option 1 Gosford Green
  • Option 2 Holyhead
  • Option 3 Stoney Stanton
  • Balliol Road Site - 02476 449111


Self-isolating and Vulnerable Neighbourhood Scheme Information

Self-isolating & Vulnerable Neighbourhood scheme.pdf

Patient Recruitment Poster

The PRINCIPLE trial aims to find treatment to reduce hospital admission and improve symptoms - for more information see poster attached.

Patient Recruitment Poster.pdf