Domestic Violence and Abuse

“The staff in your practice are trained about domestic abuse and specialist workers are available to support you.  Your practice is an ‘IRIS’ practice.  You can talk to doctors, nurses and other staff working here if you are being hurt or controlled by your current or ex-partner, are afraid of someone at home or a member of your family.  You can also contact Coventry Haven Women’s Aid and ask to speak to the IRIS worker, ‘IRIS Advocate Educator’.” 



Mental Health Information in Coventry

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) can support you if you are stressed, anxious, low in mood or depressed and where this is affecting you doing everyday things, like working and going out. Speak to your doctor or contact the IAPT Services directly on 024 7667 1090. IAPT can work with people who are aged 16 and over, who are registered with a doctor in Coventry, Warwickshire or Solihull, and who are not already under the care of specialist mental health services.

For more severe mental health conditions, the main provider of mental health services is the Coventry and Warwickshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (CWPT). They can support people with a range of mental health conditions such as more severe depression and anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, dementias and personality disorders.

There are also audio self-help guides, entitled ‘Don’t Panic’, which can be downloaded free to help you to deal with panic attacks, stress, anger, social anxiety, negative thinking and worry.


Bereavement is the period of grief and mourning after death. When you grieve, its part of the normal process of reacting to a loss. You may experience grief as a mental, physical, social or emotional reaction. Mental reactions can include guilt, anxiety, sadness and despair. Physical reactions can include sleeping problems, changes in appetite, physical problems or illness.

Grief counselling or grief therapy can be useful to some people. Below are some useful service telephone numbers you can access:

  • Coventry City Council Bereavement, please email - Coventry Bereavement Services will support you and your family when planning a funeral either for burial or cremation. This can be in person or by phone, their staff are highly trained, conscientious, caring and are sensitive to your requirements. They will take as much time as you need to make sure we look after you and your family at such a difficult time.
  • Cruse Bereavement Support - 02476 670714 Young Person's Helpline 0808 8081677
  • Gingerbread Bereavement Support (single parent families) 0808 8020925
  • UHCW Bereavement Services 02476 965834
  • Myton Hospice Bereavement 01926 492518